Monday, March 15, 2010

Baby Moses Update

We had a fourth ultrasound today and received some news about Baby Moses we thought we would share. Sara's placenta seems to have moved far enough to avoid a scheduled cesaerean (praise the Lord!), although we will have to await official word from our midwife in a few days. That is a big answer to prayer--thank you so much for praying with us! He is also a BIG boy! He is weighing in at almost 4 lbs. right now according to the ultrasound, and his measurements are on the large side of normal, so we'll see what we get when he arrives! Everything else looks pretty good except that he has recently decided to flip to a breech position. Please pray with us for that to change before it gets close to his due date. We still have about 9 weeks to go, so there is time yet for him to wiggle back around!

We're attaching a couple of pictures from today's ultrasound: the first is of his nose/mouth and the second of his face. Enjoy the sneak peek!